Electrical Power Generation

Keep your power on 24/7 with a Generac Guardian Automatic Standby Generator. 120/240VAC Single-Phase; 120/208VAC & 277/480VAC Three-Phase 6-150KW automatic power generation systems. Natural Gas or Propane-fueled, sized from 25 Amps to 625 Amps- 120 VAC; 29 Amps to 166 Amps- 240 VAC. Automatic or manual-transfer. You won't have to get up to fuel these units like that little, portable generator which you haven't run in two years and you have no idea if it will start in the dark, rainy, cold, night.

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Computer-Grade Uninterruptable Power Supplies

UPPI UPS gear from 4,000 to 20,000 VA 60 Hz 120, 208, 240, 277, 480-VAC Single Phase. Keep that business or whole-house security system, computers, and expensive entertainment system protected from dips, sags, brownouts, outages, and lightning spikes on the power line.

Unique Products

Single and Three-Phase Motor Savers, replacement batteries for your UPS sitting at your feet, Kresto hand cleaner, and Human Fluid Replenishment by Gookinaid Hydralyte.

Custom Engineering Services

for those unusual problems. There is most likely a solution to your problem which is readily available to me. Let Osage Energies help you find a solution for you today.

These products which I have chosen to represent are AMERICAN-MADE PRODUCTS THAT WORK EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.

Remember our uniformed services, they are awake so that we may sleep.

Our Mission

Sales and support of high-quality emergency power systems, residential power equipment, UPS batteries, and unique high-quality hand cleaner.

Company Profile

34 years of electronics experience. Industrial controls, power distribution. special control design. Osage Energies is based in Vermilion County, Illinois where it strives to provide the highest technical level of help in solving problems as complex as power malfunctions and as simple as cleaning up working hands. Service after the sale shows who is truly there for the customer.

Our electronics and control systems experience allows us to troubleshoot and service not only all our products, but anything else on the market! Read more...

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